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Coaching for Today's Tomorrow - Unleashing your potential

Coaching Overview


Coaching is a great way to unlock your inner potential - through the skilful use of tools and questioning techniques, we can unleash your potential in your chosen area of focus, increasing awareness and creating a responsibility for change.

James is an experienced coach, having successfully worked with a variety of clients from executives to independent individuals. Through developing a coaching partnership, together, we will challenge and explore your inner limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, empowering you to unleash your and/or your teams' potential.

Do you want to... 

  • Find your purpose?

  • Fulfill your passion?

  • Increase your confidence and self-esteem?

  • Achieve your goals and desires?

  • Reduce negative self-talk?

  • Lead your teams more confidently?

  • Lead your teams more effectively and to a higher level?

  • Remove your crippling insecurities?

  • Live life to the fullest?

You may... 

  • Suffer from limiting beliefs

  • Experience Imposter Syndrome

  • Want to achieve your career/business/personal goals

  • Want to explore a potential career change

  • Be going through a job transition

  • Feel held back or 'stuck' by low self-esteem or confidence 

James will empower you through...

  • Establishing and building rapport

  • Providing constructive challenge

  • Encouraging you to take responsibility for change

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Get to know you 

  • Get to know you - the real you

  • Ensure we are a good fit, and establish a coaching relationship to maximise results

Agree Working Approach

  • Agree how we will work together to achieve your results 

  • Formally establish the coaching relationship, agreeing 

Define Goals

  • Define your goals and aspirations for coaching, ensuring they will achieve your desired transformation

Achieve Results

  • Achieve your goals, empowering you through the skilled use of tools, powerful questions and constructive challenge

Transformational Process

Preparing for Success

Take a step towards empowerment...

Client Testimonials

I highly recommend James' coaching services, he made me feel at ease, was calm and patient and supported me to achieve my gaols (and goals I didn't know I had). I feel so much better after having coaching and I wouldn't hesitate to engage James again in the future


—  Sarah, Managing Director

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